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18 April 2010

Nutrition Program at Cijantung Area

“Come on, let’s gather here!”

The dynamic children song, popularized by Tasya, successfully attracted Cijantung children to come close the SMK Mardi Bhakti school yard, joined the Nutrition Program held by Sahabat Anak, Sunday April 18th 2010. Almost 40 children were gathered to enjoy the green bean porridge and milk th...at had been prepared by Sahabat Anak volunteers.

While the milk were distributed, Kak Vina as the host that noon, reminded the kids to consume a healthy nutritious food to keep their bodies healthy.

After the opening session and delivering the nutritious items, Kak Awam showed up, performing his magnificent talent in story telling and also little games. Most of the children eyes were spotted to his attractive free-style. The voices of chicken, elephant, and monkey were shouted out during his performance. This time, Kak Awam told a story about the essential habit of washing hands to avoid the bacteria that can cause illness.

After one and a half hour, the event was ended. The children shake hands with Kakak (the volunteers) before heading to their rural houses or back to the streets.

Thank you for all dear Friends who had participated in this Nutrition Program. Keep up your support to delivering nutritious items for 1 needy child for 3 months, only with Rp 50,000 – that will reach its peak on the month of July.

(by Maretha - Sahabat Anak PR)

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